Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Section Leader: Update

Over the summer I posted about Section Leaders.  I have been using the clothespins for a little over a month and I am very happy with how they are working.  The kids have taken on the responsibility for coming in getting their pin and taking care of their team.  I must say these clothespins are pretty resilient, which surprised me.  I thought for sure one would break quickly, but fingers crossed, we haven't lost one yet!

If you want to try this out, a couple things to think about.

1.  Jumping is a risky adventure!
The clothespins tend to come off fairly easily when moving briskly.  They don't go flying but they fall pretty hard.  I have not decided how I want to handle this but it may just be to take them off before movement activities.

2.  Oh the places clothespins go!
I specify that the clothespin should be on their outfit.  I really don't care where (collar, pocket, short leg, etc.).  It is a bit amusing to see all of the different places the clothespins end up.  I have seen them as earrings, nose clips, pinched to the extra skin on their arm, their friends hair, and one little boy decided to pin his to the inseam of his pants!  I quickly redirect the student in these cases and if it continues I make sure to remind them that this is a special privilege for a responsible student and if they can not use the clip responsibly I may have to select a new section leader.

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