Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Section Leaders

Section Leaders are something I started last year to help me keep my sanity and as another way to recognize student achievement.

In my classroom 1-5 sit on my FlipForms (love FlipForms you can check them out here and my K students sit on the floor. Since I have three flip form colors, I can easily divide each class into three sections and give each child a specific seat on the risers.

At the beginning of the year I explain to my students that orchestras are divided into sections and in each section there is a leader. In our music room the section leaders jobs are to set a good example and help keep everyone prepared for the lesson. I then choose 3 section leaders (one per color) to be in charge of their section.

This helps me out in a number of ways:
1. I always have messengers to pick up/drop off a student or materials from another room.
2. There is always a designated student to pass out materials.
3. They can get the lights or control the stereo.
4. Great role models to refer other students to.
5. Demonstrate idea/concept.
6. In the upper grades: explain procedures. I.E. - recorder karate

I pick new section leaders at the beginning of each 9 weeks, so throughout the year 12 students in the class will get a turn to be a section leader. Although I do use these students to help me out, they aren't the only students I call on throughout the class. This is just a great way for me to help keep things organized while giving some great kids recognition.

Last year I had some trouble keeping track of who my section leaders were in each class. I put a star on my seating chart next to each section leaders name but I hated having to constantly refer to the chart. This year I found these great clothespins at Michaels. They will be great for the kids to clip somewhere visible on their outfit so that I can quickly find my leaders.

I found these just a few weeks ago and they had several patterns available in the dollar section, so if you want some head to Michaels!!!

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