Monday, October 29, 2012


It's the end of the first 9 weeks in our district and time for reflection.  I feel like I have posted a whole lot since June and I know that when I visit other blogs I often wonder what a teacher uses certain resources for or reasons why they have laid their room out a specific way.

Do you have a question about something in my classroom?  Or anything else about me or the way I teach?  Please feel free to leave questions or comments in the box below.


  1. Hi Emily! I am curious- does your school have a polycom system that is used for virtual conferencing?

    1. Not that I'm aware of but I was intrigued by this question so I googled it. Do you have one at your school? If yes, how is it being used?

  2. Hi Emily,
    We do have one at our school and more and more teachers have been using it. It's so cool! I was supposed to have a video conference with my grade 5s and a 4/5 class from NY this week, but it fell through. We were preparing a blues piece with improvised B sections. The other class was going to present a blues piece to us as well. We were also going to open things up for discussion and ask them questions about NY and stuff.

    A grade two teacher in our school just did a video conference with class from Ohio. They each created a monster (during their private class time) and wrote down instructions. They sent their monster instructions to the other class for them to make. So when our students got the Ohio class' instructions, they were to create a monster based on the instructions. The two classes video conferenced and got to see what each monster was supposed to look like!

    This got me thinking about a composition project! It would be so cool to have my class compose and write out a piece of music and send it to another school to learn and perform for us!

    Too bad you don't have one...

    1. Wow! This sounds so cool. I can imagine what a great experience it is for you kids. I like the idea of doing a composition project this way. I don't have a polycom system but I'm going to talk with my husband (he's really tech savvy) and see if he has any ideas. I'm thinking Skype might be a possibility. Would you mind sending me an email with more details about this idea? ( I may have another idea about making this work but I definitely want to hear more. :)


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