Thursday, October 25, 2012

Afro Circus

Today was our annual Book Character Parade.  Each year our guidance counselor does a fantastic job of creating a week of events to celebrate being drug free and the week culminates in students and teachers dressing up as some of their favorite characters and parading around the school bus loop.  

Each year our specials team has a theme.  One year we were witches, another characters from Alice in Wonderland but this year was the most fun!  We were all Marty from Madagascar 3.  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Watch this!

We paraded around the school in all our afro splendor chanting lyrics that were similar to Marty's.  (In reality the chant changed each time we started it!)  Below are two of my teammates Mrs. P and Mrs. M.  We opened the school together a few years ago and now I can't imagine my day without them.  

I know this is not really on topic but something fun that I enjoy from year to year.  While not part of my classroom, I think it is important for specials teachers to participate in these events.  The kids notice and so do the other adults (parents and teachers).  It's a great way to show that you are an important part of the school.  

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  1. The more pictures I see of myself in this ridiculous wig, the more I realize how very much golden girl in shape it is. :)


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