Saturday, June 2, 2012

Music Note Twister

I wish I could remember who had originally given me this idea but all I can say for now is that it isn't my original idea.  I played this game during the last few weeks of school as a center.  My classroom was in disarray because of performances and I had to quickly come up with something that would keep the kids engaged but we could do with limited resources (i.e. instruments).

This center worked with 2-5 students.  The rules are the same as regular Twister except for using the colors.  Instead of calling out a color, students had to call out the note name the spinner had landed on.  This is a great game to help reinforce note names.


  1. Ms. Q - I am in my second year of teaching and you have inspired me to finally try doing centers!

    Thank you for sharing your great ideas!

    Ms. Saunders

  2. Centers are a great way for the kids to take control of their learning. They can be a bit overwhelming at first but I'm glad to hear you are going to give them a try!


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