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Hi!  I'm Emily Quezada an elementary music specialist, blogger and small business owner.  This year will be my 8th teaching music to K-5 students and I'm still loving it!  After earning my bachelors from the University of South Florida, I settled into Orange County, FL.  Since then, a very supportive principal made sure I was able to attend Orff Level I and II.

This blog was designed to share lessons, organization and decor ideas for the Elementary Music Classroom.  These ideas are my own or adaptations of  lessons/ideas I have come across through colleagues and/or the web.

I hope that what I share helps inspire some ideas for your own classroom.  Please leave comments!  It's always great to hear how you are or intend to use something I've shared in your own classroom.


  1. Hello! I was wondering if you have any blogs you recommend for middle school band directors? Please let me know!
    Thank you!
    My email is phionic@hotmail.com

    1. Hi, In all of my blogging and pinning I haven't come across one, although I haven't really been on the lookout for one either. If I happen across one I'll make sure to add it to my list of blogs.

    2. I just happened across a Middle School blog. It's been added to the list of blogs.


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