Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Understanding Lyrics

I know that it is important to help my students understand lyrics but today I realized that I may need to take a bit more time to make sure I'm doing this.

During my K lesson we were working on the poem This Little Pig from Game Plan.  As we were echoing the text I was surprised by how they were speaking the text back.  In the 3rd phrase it mentions the word "Snout" but instead of hearing "This little pig shows us his snout", I heard "This little pig shows us his SNOT"!  After stopping and talking about this word, there were giggles all around.

I have always been careful about discussing lyrics with deeper meaning and words that I know were well beyond their years but I never thought about this word.  Lesson learned, we may need to make sure and discuss what a snout is before echoing.  :)

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