Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Video and Photos

I had a conversation recently with a younger teacher about using photos/video of students, so I thought it might be something good to post about.

Before taking, posting, or using pictures/video of your students make sure:

  • Each child pictured has filled out the photo/video release form for your school.  I know each child at our school is given one of these forms at the beginning of the year and our registrar keeps track of who has/has not completed one.  Be mindful of this because there are some families who do not take pictures because of cultural/religious beliefs.
  • If you have an after school group, make sure to get separate authorization.  While I'm pretty sure my district form covers using photo/video of these students, I like to have something at my fingers tips.
  • Think before you post a picture/video.  Do I need to reveal the identities of my students?  Is this a safe site to post something? 

I may be a bit extreme when it comes to posting pictures of kids but there are so many people out there who aren't respectful of young people.  I do have all of my after school groups fill out a release but I use this for showing videos on the morning announcements and for pictures I occasionally hang in the hall way.  It is very rare for me to reveal the identities of my kids.  I prefer to take pictures showing them from the neck down or to blur their faces using Photoshop.  This is what makes me most comfortable.


  1. I tend to agree, Emily, although I am guilty of not blurring student faces. I am extremely careful about not using pictures of kids who do not have permission to be photographed. Both my principals subscribe to my blogs and are aware of those students, so I know I have back-up if I missed someone.

    1. Honestly, I love seeing kids faces and sometimes I'm sad about altering my pictures because you lose something when you can't see the emotion. I would never say that kids faces should never be published, we all have to find what works for us. It's great that you have two extra sets of eyes to watch for these things! :)

    2. Another important thing to note is names. The policy at my school is that you can post pictures of all the students that have a release form but you may NOT name the child anywhere! That keeps their identities safer.

    3. Yes! I forgot about that but it's another one of those things to be aware of. Some schools are okay with just initials but I'd rather not give any information if it's not needed. There are some posts like articles for a county site or local publication that names are necessary for but in those cases I definitely have a release form.


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