Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hall of Fame

I am very fortunate to have my room back up directly to the stage.  While this is convenient for a number of reasons, it also means extra wall space.  This hallway is directly behind my classroom and it links me to the backstage area and the cafeteria, so this wall is visible to students as they eat lunch.  After every big performance my performing ensembles sign the concert poster (got this idea from my supervising teacher during my internship).

After everyone has signed, I have the poster laminated and then it is hung in the "Hall of Fame".  Unfortunately, part of one of the posters fell before I had the chance to laminate it and someone decided it was trash.  :(

This is a tradition the kids really look forward to and the little ones love to tell me about their older brothers and sisters who were part of past performances.  We have only been open for a few years now, so I only have one wall covered but as we grow so will the Hall of Fame!

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