Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maestro of the Month

At the end of last school year I realized that there were so many outstanding kids that had worked really hard in music but had not really been recognized for their efforts.  My solution...Maestro of the Month!

Each month I pick one kid who has been doing an outstanding job and they receive some school-wide recognition.  

  • Maestro for a Day
    • I have a tux that was donated by a parent.  It's adult size so it looks extra adorable on the little kids.  They get to wear the tux for the whole day.  
  • Backpack
    • I got this idea from Sandy Lantz and Gretchen Wahlberg at my Level I.  I take some small instruments (triangle, maracas, etc.) and books, things that I have acquired a lot of and put them in a backpack.  The Maestro gets to take the backpack home for the month and enjoy.
  • Certificate
    • Each Maestro gets a certificate to take home and proudly share with their family.
  • Look Who's A Shining Star
    • In the hallway outside my classroom I have a bulletin board with this message.  Each Maestro gets their name on a star and they get to staple it anywhere on the bulletin board.  (I'll take pictures during pre-planning.)
  • Spotlight Video
    • Each month I create a short video of the Maestro and my Spotlight Performer's (I'll post about this later.)  The video is usually around 3' in length and our media specialist plays it on the morning announcements.  
  • Maestro Bulletin Board
    • In my classroom I have a whiteboard where I post a picture of the Maestro with their name, grade and teacher's name.  


  1. I love, love, love this!! This is my 2nd year teaching elementary music and I can't wait to incorporate this into my classroom!

    1. My students love this, they are so excited each month to see who will be picked. It's really cute to see how excited they get for a classmate who is chosen. It's like that kid becomes a celebrity for a moment.


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