Saturday, June 2, 2012


I finally found a solution for seating Kindergartners this year!  My classes 1-5 sit on FlipForm risers but these are too much of a distraction for Kindergarten.  So this year I posted some shapes under my white board.  Each shape is for a row of students.  At the beginning of the year I assign each child a row and a place in that row.  It takes two rotations before they've got it but it makes the rest of the year a breeze.  I can redirect students by recognizing a row that is making good choices, use this as a way to call students to line up and it is even great for taking turns at instruments.  Similar to what Artie Almeida does in Mallet Madness, I use my rows to take turns at instruments.  After they have taken their turn students go to the end of the row and we rotate until everyone has had a turn.

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