Saturday, June 2, 2012

Great Musicians Always....

I am so blessed to have an amazing art teacher at my school.  She truly inspires everyone around her to connect with their inner artist.  I have not been immune to her artistic inspiration.  Last summer I spent time drawing images that I thought would remind students of some of the things Great Musicians Always Do.  This board is at the front of my room and is a great way to redirect students when they are acting a bit silly.

I can tell it has made an impact because during Teacher Appreciation Week I received the sweetest little note from a student.  In the message she said "Thank you for believing we can all be Great Musicians".  It's one of those notes that brought a tear to my eye!


  1. I love notes like that. Last year, I was sooo blessed to get many notes like that. I got two from fifth grade boys who showed little interest in my class: One said thanks for all the help you game me in music class and thanks for making music fun. The other said thank you for everything you taught me this year! :) I also got a note from a 5th grade girl that said something to the affect of To the greatest music teacher in the whole world. Thanks for putting together such a rockin' concert! :)

    I save all those cards for days that I need a pick me up.

    1. I save my cards to but I never think to pull them out on a rough day. That's a great idea! I"ll have to remember that the next time I'm feeling glum. :)


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