Thursday, June 7, 2012

More Recorder...

I wanted a recorder fingering chart that combined the staff, note name and an image of how to play the pitch but I couldn't find anything online that I liked or was large enough to be seen across the room.  I created these posters for my classroom and the kids reference them all the time.  I only have these up but I made an entire set with flats and sharps included.


  1. Do you have a template for your recorder guys that you can share? They are so cute!
    I teach in a corner of our cafeteria and like to put things up that the kiddos can see when they are in the room for lunch, too. I didn't realize how much children looked at my wall posters until a class of kids that I had seen in their room for music their 2nd gr. year knew more than expected about a lesson their 3rd grade year. They just said they remembered because they had seen and read about it during lunch the previous year.

    1. I made my own recorder guys out of a template I drew but the inspiration came from Norm Sands "Recorder Dude". You can actually purchase them through Music K-8, here's the link: I added the coordinating staff, I think I have that template somewhere in my files, and mounted them on black paper.

      It's amazing how much kids learn from looking at the decor!


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