Saturday, June 2, 2012

Word Wall

Every year I like to add a new display somewhere in my classroom for students to reference during lessons.  One of my most successful displays is my word wall.  It's not 100% complete yet but it is something the kids use more and more frequently to find a word to describe what they are hearing in the music.  Like I said this is not complete but every time we learn a new word it is easy enough to print that word and add it to the wall.  I think I might redo some words to add a picture because this seems to really help kids make connections to the musical meaning.  

Since the words are not permanently affixed to a surface, I can move them during my lessons.  For example, during a lesson on forte and piano, I will hold those two words up at the appropriate time in the music.  I may also have a student point to the dynamic they want students to use during a performance of a piece.

The elements of music toppers were easy enough to make in word and I printed them on legal paper and then backed them with colored construction paper.  After laminating, I attached the toppers to the cabinets with sticky tack.  I found these pocket charts at Target during back to school.  They usually have different colors and they seem to have them from year to year.  I attached the pocket charts with velcro strips so that I could put them away for the summer and easily reattach the following year.


  1. Thank you for the help! I was just now trying to figure out how to do my word wall this year!

  2. Glad that you found this useful! :) My kids use the word wall all the time. I see little eyes and bodies turning to that part of the room to find the answer. I was surprised at first by how often they looked to it. Hope you find it helps your kiddos. Thanks for posting a comment.

  3. I love the idea of putting it in the pocket and taking it out when you need to. I also love the word and clipart combo, do you have a template that you are willing to share? :) if you want to share:) awesome blog!

  4. I like to reinvent the wheel....I have never seemed to save a document for my word wall words. :) If you notice some of the word cards vary in height, that's because I keep forgetting to hit the save button. It's something I need to work on. If I get to saving any of them soon I will definitely post it.

  5. Love the music word wall. Can you send the 9 titles with the text for each element? Thank you,

    1. Thank you! I've been meaning to upload them to my Google Docs and I keep forgetting. They are there now, so you should be able to request them by clicking the link in the Freebie section of my blog.


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