Saturday, June 2, 2012


As I'm cleaning up my room and getting ready for summer (only 4 more days!), I am trying to organize things that have caused headaches throughout the year.  One thing that drove me up a wall was when I could find a poster but not the manipulatives that go with it.  My solution was Trend Poster Storage Boxes, Ziploc Bags, and Velcro dots.  Below are some images of how I organized my posters.

 I started by organizing posters by grade level.  I listed the posters that are inside the sleeve and then I velcroed a ziploc bag with any small items to the front of the sleeve.  I know my stickers aren't the cutest but its something I can always change later.

I did not put all the small items in the ziploc bag on the front of the sleeve.  If the manipulatives went with a poster I attached them to the back of the poster.  The pictures above are an example of one of the posters.

I'm still working on organizing my other miscellaneous posters.  When everything is complete I'll post pics.

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