Saturday, June 2, 2012

Performer's Corner

I have 3 performing ensembles and keeping everyone on the same page can sometimes be difficult.  In an effort to lessen confusion over rehearsal/performance schedules I have taken a number of steps.  I created email distribution lists to email parents weekly about rehearsal schedules, morning and afternoon announcements, and the Performer's Corner.  Outside my classroom door I have a place to hang the most current newsletter and a calendar that lists the rehearsals/performances that are happening that month.  The purple and orange tabs on the calendar are Post-it's (I'm not sure of the exact name, sorry).  On the post-it's I write the name of the group that is rehearsing.  I can reuse these from month to month and if they stop sticking I add a bit of sticky tack.  I often see parents and students stop by to check out what is happening.

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