Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sound Panels

My walls are covered in light green sound panels which are beautiful and practical in a music room.  The only drawback to these lovely walls is that hanging things is tricky and dust collects on every inch of them.  Here are my two solutions to this problem.

 In an ideal world I would use the hose attachment on a vacuum but there isn't one available to me, so the next best thing is a lint roller.  You would not believe the amount of dust I picked up off my walls.  Eew!  It's amazing, I don't feel congested nearly as often.  :)
This isn't the exact brand of pins that I have but this is the type that I use to hang anything on the sound panels.  They work so much better than push pins because of their length.  I found mine at Michael's last summer in their sewing section.  


  1. Thanks for the tip on the straight pins. They just finished putting sound panelling in my room and if it hadn't been for this post, my walls would be BARE!!

    Do you have anything heavier than paper hanging on your walls? I have a picture to hang up that's probably a little bit heaver than a framed poster and I'm not sure how to tackle that.

  2. I actually used the pins to hang up my framed certificates and artwork behind my rocking chair (you can see pictures of what I'm talking about in my Classroom Tour). I just lined up several so that they were even and used those. I'm not sure if the item you are talking about is to heavy for that. If I think of any other solutions, I will make sure to post them and if you come up with a different solution, please post another comment. I'd love to know just in case I ever need to hang something heavier.


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