Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Magic Microphone

What can possibly elicit a more excited response from a 5 year old than a sparkly microphone?  Well okay, maybe any sort of drum but if they aren't getting to play that instrument the magic microphone is the next best thing.

Now I know that you may have a different process but I start my K year off (after rules of course) with a chance to practice our "Four Voices".  I don't go very in depth with this process at this point just looking at the four voice posters and then some simple echoing.  I also give each child a chance to share one of their four voices using the magic microphone.

I like this portion of my first lesson because it gives each child an opportunity to perform a solo where they have a choice in how they share their voice.  I have very little resistance to this activity because my more reserved little ones can choose to use their whisper voice.  This is a great way to ease into more solo activities and to reinforce being a good listener.

You may be thinking that I end up hearing all shouting voice, and the first few students did until I got smart.  Once we use a sign I turn it around so that the next friend has to choose a different voice.  Sometimes I will have two signs turned around.  I do this throughout the activity keeping the shouting voice turned as often as possible so that my lesson doesn't turn into a screaming match.  At this point, I keep corrections to a minimum and get a feel for where my students are in understanding  how to use their different voices.

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