Friday, August 3, 2012

Look Who's a Shining Star!

This was my student recognition bulletin board last year.  Each month the Maestro of the Month (see post Maestro of the Month ) and the Spotlight Performer's (a select class that was doing an outstanding job) were recognized with a star on the bulletin board.  Wish I had a better picture, I thought I did.  Still, thought this was an idea worth sharing.

I also added stars for students who were selected for our All County Honors Music Festival and students who had completed every belt in the 4th and 5th grade recorder karate books.  Students got to decide where their star went on the board.

Beginning of the Year before the owl.  I was waiting for it to be laminated.

End of the Year:  Unfortunately, little fingers got to the "a and h" but I'm sure you get the overall idea.  :)

Stop back soon to see how my 2012-2013 student recognition board will look!


  1. I like your new blog template. I grabbed your button.

  2. Thanks! My husband has been teaching me how to use photoshop and I am finding more and more ways to use it for school. I would recommend other teachers try it out because it allows you to easily blur a face in a photo, crop, create great shapes or word art. Glad you grabbed my button, I used your post about creating them to help start mine. :)


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