Sunday, July 28, 2013

In My Desk

I'm just starting to think about, wait who am I kidding?  I've been thinking about things I will need for this year since school ended.  My shopping trip for back to school items will be this week sometime and I can't wait to share all of my ideas with you.  Tonight I'm focusing on my desk.

I try to keep my desk stocked with things I know I will need throughout the year to keep me healthy and happy.  Below are some of the things I keep in my desk and why.

1.  Band-Aids:  My husband says I'm as graceful as a newborn giraffe (well without the height).  I'm constantly bumping into things or bashing my finger in something, so I like to keep some good quality band-aids in my drawer.

2.  Excedrin and Tums:  Ever try to teach recorders with a pounding headache or dance around with kindergartners on an upset stomach?  Enough said?

3.  Vitamins and Allergy Medication:  Usually my breakfast happens while I skim through my email before morning duty.  I always keep vitamins with me so that I can stay healthy with all of those germy kids roaming around.  :)  It's not easy to teach if your sneezing up a storm, so I keep some allergy medicine with me as well.

4.  Plates, Napkins and Plastic Utensils:  This Girl has gotta eat!  If I don't eat I get kinda mean, so I always make sure to keep these things around just in case.  Nothing is more annoying than having a cup of yogurt but no spoon to eat it with.

5.  Body Spray:  Some of those back to school days in August are HOT!!!  Florida humidity is no joke and when I come in from morning arrival I need a bit of freshening up.  It's also nice to have to spritz on before an after school event.  Makes me feel a bit better.

6.  Hair Products:  Frizz-Ease to combat the Florida heat and hair ties when I just need to pull it all back.  It's especially great to have an extra hair tie when I forget to pull it back on a movement day or when I'm setting the stage after school.

7.  Lint Roller - I don't know what it is but sometimes I look down at my slacks at lunch and it's like I rolled through a ball of lint.  

8.  Feminine Items - Keep some in a nice little bag just in case.

9.  Mouthwash (not pictured here):  I don't want to kill my kids after lunch, so it's good to rinse quickly before afternoon classes.

10.  Lotion (not pictured here):  For after washing recorders for the millionth time that week.  :)

11.  Chapstick:  I can not live without some sort of lip balm, so I always make sure to have one in my desk.

12.  Note Cards - My cousin gave me these cute personalized gift cards.  I always keep a bunch in my desk.  You never know when you will need one for a parent, colleague or student.  

What do you have in your classroom to keep you happy and healthy?


  1. Love your blog! These are all definitely essentials. I'm building my Teacher Survival Kit now based on your suggestions :)

    1. Thanks! You know 95% of the time I think about the kids and what I can do to improve my classroom and lessons to benefit them. But, a bit of time spent thinking about me and my space helps keep me happy and prepared to do that other 95%! Glad this post helped you get ready for school.


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