Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Staying Positive

Do you ever have those days where you think.....why?  I had one today.  Every why question went through my mind.  I felt very negative and unhappy/unsure with/of myself.  It happens to me every once and a while and there is no specific trigger.  Sometimes it is an unhappy encounter with another adult or a lesson not going the way I thought it would (can you believe that?) but by the end of today I felt very glum.

I have found that I need to find ways to pick myself up, de-stress and/or reenergize.  Some things that I have found work for me are:

1.  Completely unplugging myself from school.
I know this one is hard but you have to do this for you and your family.  I don't check email when I'm at home.  I have found that looking at my school email from home only leads to anger and frustration, so I leave it for the next morning.  I need this time away from school to truly be away.

Unplugging myself also includes leaving work at work.  My first couple of years I brought a lot home with me.  Now I just bring the essentials or busy work.  I don't bring something every night but when I do it is something I can do while watching tv or that absolutely cannot wait.  For example:  tonight I have to figure out what I want to teach tomorrow (I'm so last minute when it comes to lesson planning!).

2.  Doing things for Me!
It is very easy to get wrapped up in work, cleaning, errands and getting ready for the next day but I really have to stop and take time for me.  Now, I don't have any kids yet so, what I do may not be realistic for you but I'm sure that you can find a little something to do for yourself.  For me, cooking and painting are relaxing.  I will sometimes cook a Sunday dinner in the middle of the week just because I love the process (hate the dishes).  Or, my husband is a fantastic artist and we take time to paint things for our home.   It's a great way to spend time together while forgetting the troubles of the day.

3.  Remembering one simple rule!
You cannot do it all.  I am only one person and I'm not perfect.  Tomorrow is another day to make up for today's mistakes.  What I didn't teach perfectly this time, I can reinforce next time.  I tend to be really hard on myself, so every once in awhile I have to remind myself to relax.

4.  Find inspiration
Sometimes I just need a bit of inspiration, and thank god for Pinterest!  Today this video was inspiring.  Just look at all of those beautiful children and their fantastic teachers making music (the ending was a bit sad but the messages still just as wonderful).


  1. I had one of those days today! Though, I think I had it in a different kind of way. I felt like I was just looking at everything negatively today, which is not like me. I felt like all I did was 'nag' certain students and thought I noticed all the other kids doing GREAT things I just kept focusing on the negative behaviors of about 7 kids all day. I had to remind myself at the end of the day that tomorrow is a new day and I'm going in to it with an idea to focus on the positives of the other kids. Especially since most of the negative behaviors are normally cries for attention and I'll admit they were definitely getting my attention today!

    1. My why questions were along the same lines..."Why can't you stay in your seat?" They were in my head and I phrased them a bit differently with the kids but I think we all have those days. I don't know why but sometimes it's hard to get out of that funk. Glad to hear I'm not the only one! :)


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