Monday, September 24, 2012

My Instrument

I have started a year long study of instrument families with my 2nd graders.  Each 9 weeks we will focus on a different instrument family.  I started with the Woodwinds during the first rotation.  We talked about how an instrument fits in that family.  The second rotation we listened to the clarinet and looked at actual clarinet reeds and this week starts the 3rd rotation.  My principal instrument is the flute and I am so excited to share my instrument with my students but I must say I am struggling with my technique.

Now I know that the kids will hear me and be amazed (because they are oh so sweet) but on a personal level I can't help but think back to my college days when I was immersed in music.  I'm a bit sad at how I have let my personal love of the flute slip away because of life!  I know that I'm exaggerating, I haven't lost it all, I just know where I once was.  :)

Do you find this happens to you?  I really can't dedicate myself to performing with church or a community group right now but I truly miss performing.  How do you find balance between school, family and making music for you?

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  1. My principal instrument is piano and although I use my skills at school it is not the same as when I would practice for hours and work on literature. This summer I got the opportunity to play keyboard in a friends folk/jazz band and it has helped stretch me and get me practicing again. Enjoy playing the flute for your students!


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