Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Music Stands: Not Just for Sheet Music

I like materials to be multi-purpose because, as I'm sure you know, space, no matter how large your room is, is limited.  I'm lucky to have a large storage closet and a row of cabinets but why waste space storing items that only work for one lesson or performance?

I'm always thinking of ways I can use materials I have for another purpose and that includes music stands.  I have 20 stands and I never use them all for an ensemble set up.  So, here's how I used them another way....

This was a for a performance of "Bugz!".  Our amazing art teacher and her art club made the oversized food items and we attached them to the stands using duct and shipping tape.  If I had to do it over I would use a different method of attaching them to the stands because the tape residue is really hard to get rid of, even with Goo Gone.

These were great props and easy for the kids to move onto the stage at the appropriate time.  Even if your little ones had a hard time moving them, you could have older kids as stage managers move the items in at the appropriate time.


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