Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to School: Teacher's In Sign

I was looking at some other music blogs recently and I came across a brilliant idea on Miscellaneous Me.  Cara created a "Teacher's In" sign for her door.  I love this!

From my desk, I cannot see the main entrance to my room.  This can be kind of a pain since I eat lunch in my room.  There are times when I am up and down several times to answer the door.  This sign, I hope, will relieve some of that.  It's also going to be great for planning time or when I'm not in my room.

I started with this purple foam sign from the dollar store.  They also had them in pink.  It did have a flimsy ribbon handle to hang the sign with but I cut that off.

I decided that I wanted a border and some cute flowers like Cara's, so I used some ribbon I had around the house.  I cut the ribbon to about the length of each side.  There are many tutorials out there on how to make flowers out of fabric and ribbon, mine was a bit of luck.  If you could see the mess of thread on the back of it you would laugh!  Since I am no expert, Google it, you will most certainly have better luck.  :)

Using double sided tape, I attached the ribbon to the edge of the sign.

I trimmed the corners to match the rounded edge of the sign.

Used double sided tape to attach the flower.

Then added my name using some silver glitter adhesive letters from Michaels ($5.99 before a coupon).

The letters stick okay to the foam.  Any suggestions on how to keep them on?

I'm not completely done yet, I still have to create signs for in/out/busy to stick on during the day.  I'll take pictures of it during my classroom tour!

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