Friday, August 9, 2013

Mrs. Q's Resources: And the winners are.....

Using, I have chosen a number of winners for my Word Wall Pack Giveaway.  Drum roll please....

 50% off Word Wall Pack:

Susan Henderson
Abby Nyhof
Laura Pope
Tonya Paul
Cassandra Butler
Jason Hart
Leonie Brien
Stephanie Poulin
Rebeka Rice
Beth Davey

Free Word Wall Pack:

Sandra Rush

I have already contacted winners with directions on collecting your prize.

If you didn't win, not to worry!  Below is a link for 25% off of my Word Wall Pack.   Hurry!  There are only 25 copies for this discounted price.


  1. Aw, man! Maybe next time. :)

    1. I know. Don't worry though I've got a few more products and giveaways to come!

  2. I couldn't get the link to work. Are they all gone?

    1. There are still 25% off coupons available. Try copying the link and pasting it in your browser. Let me know if that works.

    2. I updated the link, it should be clickable now.


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