Thursday, March 7, 2013


Happy Music in Our Schools Month!!!

This is the first time in 4 years I am celebrating during the month of March and I'm so happy to be celebrating at the same time as all of my colleagues.  When we opened our school 4 years ago, our state testing was administered in March.  So, out of respect for all of our colleagues and students, we scheduled all of our celebrating for April.  This year we were finally able to shift things back to March.

As you may know, March is also the month when our art teacher friends celebrate Youth Art Month.  Mrs. M, our art teacher, and I decided that it was kind of silly for us to host two separate celebrations and that if we joined forces we could have a huge more impactful celebration.  So together we started our annual "Arts in April" celebration.

Here is a list of some of the fun things we have done to celebrate the arts at our school:
  • Special Video Presentations:  Each year varies a bit but some past videos have been of Teachers talking about how the arts are important in their lives and special arts related songs. This year one of our 4th grade teachers volunteered to work with students in recording arts of their culture.  
  • After School Events:  We try to host our two large productions during this month long celebration (school wide art show and spring musical).
  • Buttons:  Students create art work celebrating the fine arts.  We then had color copies made and turned them into buttons for our entire student population and staff.  
  • Colors of the Rainbow Week:  Each day of the week is a specific color of the rainbow (ex:  Monday-Red, Tuesday-Orange, etc.).  Kids and staff where that color to show their love of the arts.  We get great participation from our staff because if they where the color for the day, they can wear jeans!
  • Guest Performance:  Whether it's the middle school jazz band or traditional african drummers, it's great to invite guest performers in for the entire school to experience.
I have more MIOSM ideas to share with you.  Look for more posts later this month!

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