Monday, March 11, 2013


I am running short on time, my musical is this Thursday.  So after school today I stopped by Office Depot to have the masks for our performance laminated.  I always take items that are important or will be handled a lot to an office supply store because our school lamination, while free, is not the best quality.

Well, my stop today ended up being a disappointment and a waste of time.  After waiting in a really long line to even speak to someone, I was informed of their lamination policy.  I've had laminating done at Office Depot before but it's been awhile.  Before they will laminate your items, they make you sign a waiver saying that they are in no way responsible for things that don't turn out to your liking and you have to pay up front.  Well, knowing that my performance is this Thursday and the masks that I made were constructed using cut paper, this was not a waiver I felt comfortable with.

Needless to say, I did not have my items laminated at Office Depot.  There is so much that can go wrong with lamination and much of it because of the person using the machine.  I'm upset that Office Depots thinks their policy is the solution.  This is one of a string of disappointments I have had with their print shop.  It would seem to me that better training of employees in this section of the store would resolve problems thus negating the need for a waiver.  And end rant there!

Not to masks did get laminated by a very friendly and helpful employee at Staples!  Just thought I would share my experiences and save some of you the headache of dealing with silly policies.  I'll post pics of the masks next week along with other photos from our spring musical.


  1. Glad Staples pulled through!!

    1. I know! :) I should know better than waiting til the last minute but there never seems to be enough time.


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