Thursday, February 14, 2013

Best Thing Ever

Every now and then I have those "ugh" moments where I drag and nothing seems to be going  as planned.  Well the past few days have been like that.  My lessons weren't going the way I wanted, I wasn't completely satisfied with how they had come together and I was just tired.  It seemed at the moment when I needed a positive image, one worked its way out of the depths of my memory.

I was 7/8 years old, sitting criss cross apple sauce in my elementary music room, playing the glockenspiel for the first time.  I remember thinking this is the best thing ever.  After taking a trip down memory lane, I thought how cool is it that I get to do "the best thing ever" everyday at work?  

This happy little memory put a smile on my face, a damper on the negativity, and put things back into perspective.  A day outside for Jump Rope for Heart on Wednesday and sweet Valentine's today didn't hurt either!


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  2. Yes!! I am so thankful when I can pull this off. We really do have a great job. But, to be fair, February is a brutal month at school. Maybe all that craziness on Valentine's gave the kids an outlet for their energy! I am sure they will all be perfect next week. :)

    Somehow I posted my reply from my blogger account...I deleted it and re-submitted under wordpress. I think it happened because I am trying to reply before 6 AM! Sleepy...

    1. Oh the sugar....I had kids trying to sneak candy into music, you know tucked in their cheek. So, we took a moment to talk about safety and caring for our instruments. There is a lot going on between Valentine's Day and FCAT testing later this month, it's busy! Can't blame the kids for being antsy, I know I'm feeling it too. I don't think it helps that we had some beautiful weather earlier this week (breezy in the upper 70's/low 80's). It felt like spring.


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