Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fantasia 2000

One of my favorite videos to share with the kids is Fantasia 2000.  The music is fantastic and the cartoons are beautiful to look at.  What I like most about this video is that you can show it in short segments as part of the lesson.  For example, I have been preparing my students for our trip to see the orchestra and today we learned about Pomp and Circumstance.  It was great to show them the video to help spur conversation about what Elgar intended when he wrote the piece and how we use it today.

I know it is sad to say, but I'm sure you have been there too, I had a moment today when my patience was completely shot.  I didn't want to take it out on the kids so, after teaching the beginning portion of the lesson to 2nd grade, I put on Fantasia 2000.  It gave me a breather and I made a game out of it.  Every time I paused the video, they had to be able to tell me what the dynamic was in the music (which was what we had been working on).  They loved it and it gave me a minute to compose myself and muster up a bit more patience.


  1. Oh, I did the exact same thing yesterday. They do LOVE it (and it keeps me from taking someone out)


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