Sunday, November 25, 2012

Easy Dry Erase Worksheets

Wow, Thanksgiving flew by.  I have had a fantastic week of family and relaxation.  In my county we have a week off for Thanksgiving and mine kicked off with a baby shower.  I hosted a shower for my SIL's first baby.  This is also my first niece!  I'm a little sad that the week is over now but I know that the lessons to come over the next few weeks will be a lot of fun and then more vacation!  

I have posted pictures of some of my sub plan resources before but I thought I'd share some pics of the kids in action.

Last year I found that it took forever for the kids to draw a staff before we could get down to business.  While I think it is important for them to have practice with drawing the staff, sometimes it takes too long and isn't a priority in the lesson.  So, this year, I copied the staff and put the copies inside of sheet protectors.  These are so easy for activities with the staff. (One side is the treble clef staff, the other 3 line staff)

Here's a couple of examples of how I use them:

We were working on singing/reading and notating SMD on the 3 lined staff.  While it wasn't the focus of the lesson, some also added the rhythmic notation.

My older kids worked on name that note in small groups.

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