Friday, April 12, 2013

Fixing Barred Instruments

If you haven't seen this video, check it out, because it is a great resource.

A few weeks ago, I was working on a couple of broken pegs but I didn't have the tools listed in the video.  My wonderful husband spent about 20 minutes helping me figure out how to repair the instruments and they are good as new.  Below is what we did.  To complete this yourself you will need a small screw, a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench and some wood glue.

We started by centering a screw on the broken peg.

Then turned it a couple of times into the plastic.

Then used a wrench to pull it out.

After removing the bit of broken peg, I squeezed a bit of wood glue onto the replacement peg and pushed it into the hole.  This worked for me but please be careful when repairing your instruments.  You can purchase replacement pegs through West (click here).

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