Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mrs. Q's Resources: Alphabet Cards

I'm really excited about my Music Alphabet Cards!  I've been wanting to make these for my own classroom for about a year and finally got around to doing it.

I can't wait to hang them in my classroom.  You can purchase this product from either my Gumroad store or TpT.  As always, you save a bit when purchasing through Gumroad.

I'm already working on an expansion to this pack.  I think it would be nice to have multiple options and change out some of the terms from year to year.  For example:  D this year may be Decrescendo but next year D may be Djembe.

The expansion pack will be a free update for those purchasing the product through Gumroad.  Sorry, this feature isn't available through TpT.

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  1. These are a great idea and fun to practice with at group time as well as use a a wall hanging! I just ordered a st!


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