Monday, July 14, 2014

Back to School Finds: Target

Baby Q and I needed to get out of the house today, so we headed to Target.  I feel like I'm there more than ever, it may have something to do with my little one.  Anyways.....I always make sure to check out the dollar section because you never know what little treasures you will find.

I found this.  At first I was a bit turned off because it wasn't just $1 but $3.  Then I started to ponder the fact that it lights up!  I have other prop microphones for my classroom but the light seems like a nice spin.  I'm thinking it will be a great way to encourage polite behavior in my classroom, particularly with Kindergarten at the beginning of the year.  I can see the light being a great visual cue of who currently has the floor.  While a prop microphone usually helps with this, there is something magical about pushing a button that turns a light on, and who would want to miss their turn to do that because they were being rude!

I'm also playing around with the idea of using it as part of a game.  Are you familiar with the Radio Game? It's where you have students sing a familiar song.  When you turn the radio off, they have to internalize the melody.  When you turn the radio back on students pick up where the song would be as if they'd never stopped singing.  I feel like this microphone could play a part in that game, not sure how I want to incorporate it yet, still playing around with the idea.  What do you think?

My other Target find wasn't from the dollar section but the back to school section.  These pocket charts were $4.99 each.  Aren't the colors cute?  While I love the colors, I"ll probably use the file folders for something else.  What I liked was the color of the pocket chart itself.  Most pocket charts you find are primary colors like red or blue.  I love that these are black and any color you put against it will pop and not clash.  I bought three of these today and I plan on using them in an unoccupied wall space in the corner of my classroom.  I've already gotten a head start on copying my recorder belt songs onto coordinating colored paper (i.e. blue belt on blue paper).  I'm going to store them in these pocket charts for students to easily access whenever they need a copy.

I'm headed a few more places during the next couple of weeks.  I'll share any other back to school finds I come across.

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