Friday, May 2, 2014

Rhythm Dice: Dollar Tree Find

I found these at Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and thought I could use them for something.

After thinking about it for a bit, I decided to use them for rhythm dice.  I created a set for 1st grade using quarter notes, eighth notes and quarter rests.  I used a sharpie to mark the sides of the dice with the notes/rests.

I used them with first grade for the first time this week and they really enjoyed them.  I don't really have a name for the game but this is what we did:

We worked in small groups.
Each group had 5 dice.
They had to create a 4 beat rhythm using their dice.
In order to do this they rolled all the dice to see what they got.
Then they could throw a beat away to create their 4 beat rhythm.
The whole group then played the 4 beat rhythm before the next turn.

There were two things I loved about this game.  The dice reinforced eighth notes receiving one beat and students had to use the name of the note/rest they were tossing out.

This was very easy to set up and play.  The kids each had several turns to create a rhythm and it only took about 10 minutes from explanation to clean up.  This is something I could pull out when we have extra time to help reinforce rhythm.  Or, it might be a nice center if you added notating their rhythms.

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