Monday, May 26, 2014

Maternity Leave: 5th Grade

Treble Clef Words

I have a set of the treble clef staff worksheets in sheet protectors.  Students use dry erase markers to create words on the staff.  Before erasing, they have to check with a friend to see if their word is spelled correctly on the staff.  If a student creates a 6 letter word, I have the class stop and challenge them to figure out the treble clef word.  Here is another treble clef word idea.

What's the word?
This game is played the same as name that note.  Instead of the teacher drawing a single note, they display a word spelled out on the treble clef staff.  I have created a set of word cards and printed them out.  For my subs I have written the word lightly on the back of each card.  I know I have the file somewhere.  I'll try and post it as a Freebie later!

Color by Note - Flowers
You can download this color by note worksheet in the Freebies section.

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