Monday, May 19, 2014

Maternity Leave: 1st Grade

Here is what I have planned for my 1st graders while I'm out the last 8 days of school.

My Composition

I found this idea on O For Tuna.  I wanted to create a link to the direct post but when I pinned this I didn't pin it to the post directly.  If you have the link, let me know.  I created half sheet worksheets for students to write their own composition using quarter notes/rests and eighth notes.  The only rule is they aren't allowed to use all rests.  After completing their rhythm students practice playing their composition.  Before putting it on an instrument, they have to play it for a friend to make sure they are playing it correctly.  Since I'm leaving this for a sub I'm limiting the instrument choice to rhythm sticks.

I Spy

I wrote about this idea back in 2012 but haven't come back to it until now.  I've been playing this game with my students and they love it!  I have quarter notes/rests and eighth notes placed around my room.  I found them at Dollar Tree years ago and I love the size.  I made more by tracing the original notes that came in the package.

To play the game:
1. Teacher starts the game by saying "I spy _________."  (Fill in the blank with color and note/rest name. EX:  a yellow quarter note).
2.  Students may look for the note/rest but they may not get out of their spot or point.
3.  Teacher will call on a student who is sitting politely raising their hand.
4.  Student answers.  If it is correct, they get to spy the next note/rest.

Rhythm Hidden Picture
Brace Map

I found this worksheet on Beth's Music Notes.  It doesn't take the kids long to complete and they love working to reveal the picture.  I love that there are single eighth notes included on this sheet.  It opens up a great conversation about the parts of the note.  Before we begin coloring, I go over this with students using a brace map.  We break the note a part and list each portion.

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