Friday, January 10, 2014

Telling My Students About Baby

Yesterday was my first chorus rehearsal since the winter concert.  It was nice to have all my little singers back and to be working on new music.  I was also excited to share my happy news with them.

I had been thinking for a long time about how I wanted to share the news about Baby Boy but wasn't sure how to do it.  After perusing teaching forums and pinterest on the topic I decided balloons would be the solution!

Originally I had planned to take one of those cute photos of my husband and I, me with a pink balloon him with blue.  But, after thinking about having to come home from school and get ready for a mini photo shoot on top of my normal everyday tasks I decided that was nuts!  So here's what I did instead...

I pulled one pink and one blue balloon out of my stash.  Using a safety pin I punched holes in the pink balloon.  If you are planning on recreating this with your class you will need to punch a lot of holes. One or two won't stop the balloon from inflating.  There is a bit of dimpling to the balloon after poking the holes but nothing ridiculously noticeable.  At least not to a 9 or 10 year old who just wants to hold a balloon.

Aren't our chorus shirts cute?

At the end of our rehearsal I called two students up to help me with a special announcement.  I gave the blue balloon to a male student and the pink to a female student and asked them to please blow up the balloons.  The poor little girl, she kept looking at the balloon like "what is going on?".  When only the blue inflated I asked the students why they thought this happened.  The first response was "Does the announcement have to do with a boy?"  After a few more questions they shouted out the answer.

My students have been very sweet and excited and the news is spreading fast through the school.  How did you announce your pregnancy to your students?


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