Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Snowflake Movement

During this rotation Kindergarten has been busy participating in snow themed lessons.  We have read Snowy Day, sung snowy songs and even moved like snowflakes.

In Florida we don't get a whole lot of snow!  Surprising, I know.  Some of my kiddos have never had the opportunity to see real snow, so for some it's hard to imagine.  So this rotation I had snowflakes in my classroom for movement inspiration.

Please excuse my ugly, dry hands!  :)  Washing those recorders really does a number.

I've seen other ideas for snow movement inspiration, like feathers, but they've never worked for me.  At the last minute this rotation my art teacher buddy suggested tissue paper and it works really well.  I simply let a few small pieces float to the floor and we discussed how it moved.  This really helped my kids with their movement.  To accompany our snowflake movements we improvised snowflake sounds on the glockenspiel in downward patterns.


  1. Tissue paper is a great idea! My intern and I are on the same lesson right now. The kids are having a WONDERFUL time! We're using feathers and it's awesome, but I am a little disturbed how many of them end up in kids' mouths. EW!

    Thanks for sharing! Great idea!

    1. This is one of K's favorites! :) Oh, I had that same problem with the feathers last year. You wouldn't think that would be something you had to say prior to starting but, well, you know it's Kindergarten.


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