Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Burn Little Candles

I know this is a little late but I wanted to share a Hanukkah idea.  Maybe you can use it next year!  :)  In the 3rd Grade volume of Game Plan there is a nice orchestration for the song Burn Little Candles.  I've been doing this piece with my 3rd graders but added a spin to it.

About a month ago I happened across this image on Pinterest.  The post is about using flashlights for In the Window, another great Hanukkah piece.  I loved the idea, so I used it with Burn Little Candles.

I had 9 students, each with a flashlight, as the Menorah.  As we said the word light in the B section, the shamash (center candle from the menorah that is used to light the others) went to each candle of the menorah and lit it.  In addition to the flashlights in the B section we had a triangle chime each time we said the word light.  We dimmed the classroom lights and it was a really wonderful experience.  I think this would be sweet for a winter concert.


Thank you for commenting on this post! :)

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