Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A New Trick!

It's always difficult for young students to remember the bars we are using in a bordun, so today I tried something new.  Now, this is probably not earth shattering but for me it was a "duh" moment.  I can't believe I haven't done this sooner!

This is my xylophone visual that I use whenever I'm teaching an orffestration.  If we are setting up in pentatonic I have black slips of paper that I place over the bars that need to be removed.  I've never really had anything that worked for indicating the bars for a bordun.  Today, spur of the moment, I grabbed a couple of magnets that I had at the front of the room and stuck them above the bars we were using. 

What a life saver!!!  I never once had to repeat it.  I saw many students reference the visual when they rotated to the bass part but I didn't have to waste time saying it.  Don't you just love those magical moments when you do something smart!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful, restful Thanksgiving break!!!

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