Saturday, November 9, 2013

5 Golden Rings

A few years ago my chorus and orff groups performed 5 Golden Rings by Randy and Jeff.  It was so much fun to put together this wonderful musical.  I look back at the pictures from time to time and remember it as one of my favorite productions.  Since the holidays are coming up and I know some of you have asked about this musical in the past, I thought I'd post some pictures of our costumes.

Since our school opened Mrs. M and I have wanted as much of our large productions to be kid done as possible.  For 5 Golden Rings, art club took on the back drop for our off stage set.  They used old refrigerator boxes and painted this beautiful scene.  The picture on the mantle was of our principal at the time and the names on the stockings of his two beloved dogs.  The chairs are just your typical student chair covered in fabric.  They weren't perfect covers, just sheets of fabric held on with safety pins but it looked better than just the chairs themselves.  The ornaments on the tree were mostly kid made as well.

12 Drummers Drumming!  These costumes were so cute.  The hats are just plastic buckets that I found at Michael's after Halloween.  We added some glitter foam and feathers to give them detail.  They are held on with string and we stuffed the hats with tissue paper so that they wouldn't rock around.  The kids wore solid black pants and solid white shirts.  The belts were made from ribbon and a bit more glitter foam for the buckle.

10 Lords-a-leaping!  These were the simplest of all the costumes for this production.  A simple belt made to match the fabric of the ladies skirts.  The kids wore black baseball pants, white dress shirt, white socks and black shoes.

9 Ladies Dancing!  Skirts made by a mom in a variety of colors.  They had a matching scarf for their head.  I asked each girl to wear a brightly colored shirt and leggings so that they could slip their skirt on easily for the performance.

The Cow!  In this production there is a cow.  This was the only costume I purchased.  Unfortunately, I can't remember were I got it.  Sorry!

From left to right.  8 Maids-a-Milking!  The skirts were made by one of my chorus Mom's from some brown fabric purchased from JoAnn's.  The aprons are from Oriental Trading and the hats were borrowed from a fellow music teacher.  He uses them for his Thanksgiving production as pilgrim hats but they worked very well for maids.  The kids wore leggings so that they could just slip their skirts on and white shirts.

7 Swans-a-Swimming!  These are so sweet.  The kids had to provide a white leotard, stockings and socks.  A chorus Mom made white tutus using tulle and elastic band for the waist.  The S's are glitter foam.

6 Geese-a-Laying!  I wrote about the geese awhile ago when I shared how much I love sweatshirts for costumes.  These are men's gray sweatshirts with a bit of black and white fabric under the arms for wings. The eyes and bill are felt.  These were a no-sew costume.  Everything including the beaks and eyes were attached with fabric glue.  The kids wore orange leggings and I made some simple felt feet.

5 Golden Rings!  The kids wore all black and a chorus mom made the rings from cardboard forms she found at the craft store.  She covered them in gold ribbon.

4 Calling Birds!  Another sweatshirt costume.  These were made the same way as the geese.

2 Turtle Doves!  The kids provided pastel colored leotards, leggings and ballet slippers.  Then a mom added fabric under the arms.


  1. Thanks for posting about this! I am getting so excited about Winter Concert time! How did you get the cardboard backdrop to stand up on it's own?

    1. There were arms of cardboard that we bent backwards before painting and we rested it on the risers. Behind the cardboard are a couple of music stands. We taped the cardboard (duct tape) to the stands and the risers.


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