Wednesday, October 16, 2013

5 Little Pumpkins

Over the past month I've been keeping an eye out for fun seasonal lesson ideas.  A few weeks ago this poem caught my eye.

I remember doing this in music class when I was in 1st grade!  This rotation I used this poem as a part of my K lesson.  I use Game Plan a lot in my classroom, so I tied this into the farm unit in the K curriculum.  It was nice to have a bit of a break from a few of the songs we've been doing and I just couldn't skip over Halloween, so this past lesson we met the Pumpkin.

It only took us between 7-10 minutes to do this but oh the fun we had!  It's great practice in using the speaking voice, plus that fun "Ooooh!" for the wind.  We added movement to help us remember the words, most of it is pretty easy to figure out but below are some of the things we added.

My it's getting late - tap wrist
There are witches in the air - look at the sky suspiciously
But we don't care - throw hands down by sides
We'll run and run and run - arms moving swiftly by sides
It's just Halloween fun - shrug
Whooooo - wave hands like wind in the air

My favorite part of this lesson was the discussion over my performance vs. their performance.  In kindergarten they described their first performance as a boring voice.  So great to start analyzing our performances this early in the year.

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