Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What a Music Nerd!

Sunday I spent 7 hours working on the living room floor with my husband.  It's a really long story but basically a moisture problem, from installation problems caused our 2 year old, lovely, strand bamboo floors to warp and bubble.  :(  We have spent the last 3 weeks figuring out what to do and then removing and preparing our concrete slab.

Anyways...after 4 hours of power tools my husband stops me from what I'm doing and says...."It's a fifth."  I looked at him perplexed and asked "What?".  He replied "The shop vac and sander are a 5th apart in pitch!"  Again my reply after 4 hours of sanding was "What?"  He then proceeded to hum the interval!

What a nerd my husband is!  :)

I promise I want to join the linky parties I've seen this week.  More work on my floors tonight but hopefully tomorrow I will catch up.

Hope my silly story makes you laugh for now.

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