Saturday, September 7, 2013

Game: Mrs. Music May I?

As I was going through my Pins in anticipation of this year I came across something I had pinned a long time ago.  I can't believe I haven't played this game with my kids before but I'm really glad I incorporated it into my room this year.

So, "Mrs. Music May I?" is a play on "Mother May I?" and it helps students with note recognition. Here is how we play:

To start:

  • Teams (I break my kids up by riser color) stand at one side of the room.
  • Mrs. or Mr. Music sit on a stool in front of a music stand at the other side of the room.  They should face away from the teams.
  • Mrs./Mr. Music should have all the learned notes and rests on a music stand in front of them.

  • Music Stand
  • Stool/Chair
  • Note/Rest Cards
  • Mrs./Mr. Music Hat (optional)
This was a dollar store cowboy hat I had in my closet.  
I added little foam stickers to it so that it would be special!

  1. Everyone has to play!  Even though this is a team game, everyone on the team is responsible for asking Mrs./Mr. Music how many steps they may move.  Each time their team takes a turn a new person asks the question.
  2. A step is heel to toe.  If you don't specify they will take giant steps forward and tiny steps back.
  3. Notes are steps forward, rests are backwards.  The note or rest you pick determines the number of steps you can take forward/backwards.
  4. Mrs./Mr. Music can answer yes or no to your request to move forward.  Example:  "Mrs. Music may we move a whole note?"  "No, but you may move a quarter note."
  5. If you are making too much noise you will have to move a rest.
  6. First team passed Mrs./Mr. Music wins!

This game took about 15 minutes because I was explaining the game but you could very easily play it if you had a few minutes left at the end of class.  When I made my note/rest cards I purposefully left the note names off because I wanted the kids to have to recall that information.  I used 3 X5 index cards for these.

So far I've played this game with 4th grade as a review of the notes/rests we learned last year but I can see playing this easily with other grades.  Here is the link to the pin of the game I found last summer.

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