Friday, September 6, 2013

Classroom Organization: Doc Cam Resources by Grade Level

I've been finishing some organization in my free moments at work.....hahahaha!  By free moments I mean the split second between receipting recorder money, morning duty, typing lesson plans and a class coming!  :)

Anyways...this was one of those projects that I had hoped to complete before school started but finally finished this week.  The idea for this project came from Lauren at Rhythm and Glues.  I expanded the project partially to hide some ugly cables from my computer and to have extra room for resource books.

These are file sorters that I bought at ikea in a 5 pack for just $1.99.  I added labels made from colored construction paper and black and white printed grade levels.

Now I can neatly organize everything I need for the projector, plus any resource books I might want to reference quickly during a lesson.  I'm loving it so far!


  1. Girl, this is waaaaaaaay better than anything I did! Good job! :)

    1. I like your folders, super organized! Thank you.


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