Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Audience Behavior

As I prepare my students to attend our music field trips (Ballet/Orchestra) I'm constantly thinking about audience behavior and how to help students understand the importance of their role as an audience member.  A few years ago, I created an activity to help with this.  We do this before talking about the role of an audience member so that students can truly discover what it's like to be part of a performance where the audience is acting poorly.

Behavior Cards (Freebie)
Observation Sheets (Freebie)

  • Handout observation sheets, clipboards and pencils.
  • Divide class into 3 groups (Audience, Chorus, Observers) and send to select spots in the room. Chorus to performance area, audience to.....
  • Each group has a role to perform.
    • Observers - sit and watch the audience and note positive and negative behaviors they see during the performance.
    • Chorus - this group performs the Star Spangled Banner or the sing-a-long piece for the Young People's Concert.  I like to use the Star Spangled Banner because it offers another aspect of audience behavior to look at, plus it's practice for our trip.
    • Audience - the audience members are given behavior cards to perform during the performance.

  • After assigning each part, have the chorus and audience perform their roles.  After the performance observers should quickly jot down what they see.  Repeat so that students get to experience each role.  
  • After completing the activity, have students write down how it felt to be a performer when the audience wasn't using their best behavior.
  • Discuss what is/is not proper audience behavior.
This activity usually takes around 20 minutes but it is worth the time.  I usually do this with 2nd and 3rd grade before their trips.  It does tend to get a bit loud because the kids get a big kick out of the poor audience behavior but if you set it up well things should run smoothly.

These two documents have been added to the Freebies section.  Speaking of Freebies, I've decided that Freebie Friday will be bi-weekly, so this Friday is the second Freebie Friday Linky Party.  Here's what you need to do to link up:

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