Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2/4 Tuesday: Web Resources

Here are two web resources I'm using in my classroom.

1.  DaFont.com

I just love the free fonts on this website, they bring a little fun to the documents I'm working on.  They are easy to download, unzip and install.

2.  How to safely share YouTube videos.

A few months ago a fellow music educator blogged about how to safely share YouTube videos. Unfortunately I cannot figure out which blog I read it on, or find the pin (sorry!).  If it was you, please send me the link, I'd like to give you credit.

Since I couldn't find the original article, I went in search of an option that blocked ads, comments and the like.  The solution I found, SafeShare.tv!  This site will generate a safe link for any YouTube video you are trying to share with your students.  Here are samples of the before and after.


See no ads or comments.  Much better because you just never
know what will be there.

To use:
Copy the link to a YouTube video.
Paste it in the bar on safeshare.tv. and click generate link.
Click on your safe link to open the video.
Preview the video, just to be on the safe side.
Share with students.


  1. Thanks for joining the party Emily! I have shared your safeshare.tv with my staff! Thank-you!

    1. No problem! It's a great way to share any YouTube video, I'm really excited about this find.

  2. Thanks for safeshare- I'm using it for my 5th graders' blog posts today!

  3. I talked about it on my blog a while back. Here is the blog post. Not sure if it is the same one you are talking about, but I LOVE safeshare and use it all the time:


    1. That's right! Thanks for sharing the link to your post Brittany. :)


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