Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2/4 Tuesday Linky Party!

Steph from Stay Tuned is hosting her first 2/4 Tuesday Linky Party.  Below are 4 things I'm doing in my room right now.

1.  Line Up Cards

I found these on Pinterest and I LOVE them.  It keeps the kids on their toes and it saves me from hearing "The blue team always gets to line up first!".  It doesn't take any longer to get the kids lined up, just adds variety.

2.  Rollercoasters

Another Pinterest find!  These vocal warm-up cards are a free download.  I'm planning to use them with my Kindergartners to help them find their singing voices.  Plus, it teaches them a healthy habit because this will be part of our warm-up.

3.  Attendance

I normally do attendance and solo singing separately.  Attendance was usually a glance and see, this year I'm combining the two.  In the lower grades this will be just a solo singing opportunity but in the upper grades I think I will incorporate rhythm patterns and recorder.  I'll post more about that later.

4.  Beat Buddies

I've done beat buddies with my kids for a long time and I've also used them for solo singing activities but I'm really excited to try this idea that I found on Kristin Lukow's blog.  


  1. Thanks for linking up Emily! Your ideas are excellent! Do you have the Pinterest link for those line up cards? I love them!

    1. No problem! I love the idea. The word Line Up cards should be the actual link to the pin. Let me know if it isn't working.

  2. Great ideas! Tell me how you use your beat buddies!

    1. Thanks! I use them throughout the year with K. Each kids has a buddy, I have mostly beanie baby size stuffed animals in a box. At the beginning of the year kids mirror my buddy and as the year progresses they have the opportunity to lead with their buddy, great for assessment. You can use them with recorded music or a song you are teaching.


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