Monday, August 12, 2013

Mrs. Q's Resources: Kindergarten and Second Grade Rhythm Packs

I have been posting a bunch of resources for sale recently and I promise that will not be all I post from now on.  I have so many posts in the works for you, I've just been waiting to get back in my classroom to finish them.  Plus, I thought some of you may be interested in having these as you head into a new school year.

I've finished up my Kindergarten and Second Grade packs.  In the K pack you will find both pictorial and stick notation cards representing Quarter notes/rests and Eighth Notes.

In the second grade pack there are rhythms containing Half notes/rests, Quarter Notes/rests, and Eighth notes beamed/single (not syncopated).  Something I have found lacking in other rhythm card packs, I own or have purchased, were ties.  This is something that I introduce in 2nd grade but I've never had any cards with patterns that have them.  In this pack you will find tied quarter notes to help with introducing the half note.

You can purchase these packs individually for $4.00 ($3.00 with a coupon, the links are in the Freebies section), or you can purchase all 3 (K, 1, and 2) for $9.00.


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    1. Thank you! All 3 sets are prepared documents for printing. This allows you to print on your choice of paper, decide color or B&W print, and whether or not to laminate.

  2. I would love to purchase, but I would much prefer to purchase using paypal. Do you have a TpT store I could purchase them from or have you considered this option?

  3. When I decided to sell a few of my resources, I did so with the intent to reinvest the earnings in my classroom. As I began the process my first stop was TPT. However after spending some time researching the fees and different profile types, I was turned off. My husband being a techie introduced me to a new site that is very seller friendly, Gumroad. This company was started by one of the originally creators of Pinterest.

    While I understand there is one major draw back, no paypal purchases, the perks of this site far outweighed the negative. As a seller I’m not incurring as large of a sale fee which means more money goes back into my classroom, plus I can do really cool things for my customers. For example, I intend (at some point) to add a few more cards to the 3rd grade rhythm pack. Through Gumroad, paying customers would automatically receive a free update with these additional cards.

    I understand the hesitation to purchase without paypal or through a new site but I encourage you to research this company. It is a really great new way to share products.


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