Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meet the Teacher

Tonight was Meet the Teacher at my school.  It was great to see my students and their families!  I wasn't in my room this evening, and actually, I kind of liked it!  It sounds like a bummer not getting to show off all my hard work decorating my room and sharing the space with our community also means no crazy banging on drums by older siblings or, hate to say it, parents.  :)

Instead, I helped our guidance counselor with the transportation table in the lobby.  We have ALOT of new students to our school so bus routes were a hot topic.  I helped find buses, stops and pickup/drop off times while visiting and catching up with families.

Since I wasn't going to be in my room, I wanted to make sure and have a music presence, so I made sure to decorate my hallway.  My bulletin board is the same as last year.  My kids love the Spotlight Performers and honestly I loved it so much I wasn't ready to part!  Leap into Music is a sign I made 2 years ago and had hanging by my door but I thought it was great for Back to School.

Remember this from last year?  I made a few changes.  Last year I made this the day of Meet the Teacher, so it wasn't laminated.  This year when I pulled it out, I remembered how the sticky tack left marks on the paper and notes and was hard for parents to pull off.

I laminated it and then, where the marks from the sticky tack were on the staff, I hot glued clothespins. If I had planned it this way from the beginning I would have placed the clothespins more carefully so that the notes hung on the lines or in the spaces but as you can see it worked.  Within an hour of hanging it this morning a PTO parent had pulled a note off.

You see that chalkboard just around the corner by my door?  I have a post to share on that soon.

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